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      Destroyed/exploded object remnants sometimes make me scared as they looks terrible,i am not sure whether am i the only one. Therefore, i hope someone can make a mod that clear all that stuff, which can greatly improve my playing experience.
      I would like the mod could:
      1: make object disappear when it explode(I will be very grateful if you manage to do so. And if you do,all request below are optional)
      2: remove the busted part of fuel depot after they blown-up(If the fuel depot is vertical, remove the cylinder;if it is horizontal, remove the busted tank)
      3: remove the busted sphere(lower part)of gas holder(as it is the most unaccepted object in my mind)
      4:remove the drink vending machine(a large black hole will appear if a explosion nearby occur)
      5:remove the busted part of water tower(for the small one, you just have to remove the broken part; for the big one, remove the pieces)
      6:remove industrial chimneys remnants
      7: remove wooden sticks stacks(as you seen on panay fortress)
      8: remove vehicle wrecks(car, ships. except desert cargo ship)
      you do not need to worry about silos at berapi
      At last,i understand making the mod would definite requires a lot of workload,i nonetheless hope you can consider.
      As I have a faith in those mod on this site.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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