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      Although I purchased the latest DLC with the thruster and multi-lock rocket launcher, I was intrigued by Gawl’s mod that turns the vanilla launcher into one similar to the DLC version. I actually use both now – interestingly the vanilla version carries more ammo, and is cheaper to purchase, but it sometimes looks like the lock is lost (although it is not). The DLC version has a different skin so you can always differentiate between the two.

      As an aside, there is an issue with the targeting (both versions) in that the base of the item is targeted. This is a problem with the tall fuel towers because of the encircling concrete barriers – the rockets hit that and don’t detonate the actual target. Consequently, I use the rocket launchers when being attacked by multiple vehicles, and the results are excellent.

      Here’s a short (18 second) video of how it works in game

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      nice video, i like the default LDC one it looks cooler. :)

      also PZ since ure admin on openworldgames do you wana be part of our affiliates? if you do send me a button like the ones on our homepage (88×32) and ill send you my one.

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      Sure, Zenin – I started about a year ago because of a love for sandbox-style games, and Just Cause2 is fitting the bill nicely. In fact, the OWG global moderators have recently voted to put the JC2 forums up in the second place spot on our site. We’d be delighted to be an affiliate.

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