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      I was thinking about top gear ( A british comedy/factual tv show about cars )
      and i thought it would be cool if i did a reveiw on some of the cars in just cause 2.
      I would test speed , acceleration , handling and the like and eventually give it a score
      of 10 . It would be called ” Bottom gear ” , for laughs and not to infringe the copyright .

      So , what do you think about it ? Good idea ? Bad ?
      tell me .

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      Just Cause 2 is unrealistic.

      That type of idea would be best to do with something like GTA.

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      Just cause 2 is the only open world game i have , and i won’t be getting GTA any time soon.
      Anyway , it wouldnt have to be realistic , i just reveiw the goodness of the vehicle , and let
      you make your own mind up.

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      Alright then, by all means do it. I’ll look forward to it.

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      all cars drive like crap except the ice cream van and monster truck

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      something like this would be good to do ;P

      maybe when multiplayer is released haha ;D

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      hahaha thats really well made awesome..also what game is that?

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      Zenin wrote:

      hahaha thats really well made awesome..also what game is that?

      It’s Battlefield 2, quite an old game but it’s still around and quite popular last time I checked.

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      Alright , i think it’s good to go .

      The details :
      The cars will be reviewed at bandar selekeh racetrack , i have got rid of any :police:
      there so i do not get shot as i go round the track. The reveiws will be posted on fridays.
      week 1: Mancini cavallo 1001
      week 2: Boyd fireflame
      week 3: Titus zj
      week 4: GV V880
      week 5: Hamaya oldman
      week 6: Garett traveller-z
      4 days to go! yay.

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      omg please make a stig skin…and do the laps!!

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      We should time it and have a thread to rank how fast they go around the track, like on the show.

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      There will be times for the cars . Stig skins , well … :blush: i don’t have any idea
      how to skin . I will look it up though .

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      The mancini cavallo 1001 Type of car: kamikaze cheetah/

      I am wondering how avalanche named the mancini. Why you may ask? Well, is 1001 in binary translated into English “terrifying”? “Lethal”? “Mad”? Because those are three words that describe the mancini perfectly.

      The mancini is faster than any other car in just cause 2. Probably. It’s faster than a dragster. It’s so fast I would prefer a nerfed mancini. The only word that accurately describes the mancini apart from “terrifying” is…

      The handling on the mancini is strange. It only has two options – No response whatsoever, or a suicidal spin. Go too fast and if you hit anything, you’ll spin a mile into the air , and explode when you hit the ground . Go too slow and you’ll still spin. The only word that accurately describes the mancini’s handling apart from “lethal” is…

      The mancini looks strange, a futuristic technobeetle from the year 2356. It doesn’t look good. Add on the suicidal speed and crap handling and you have a bad car.

      The messy scribble’s score on the
      Mancini cavallo 1001
      What was that? What? Sorry, my head’s come off

      And finally, the mancini’s time around 1 lap of the Bandar selekeh racetrack ……….

      2 minutes 1 second

      NOTES: alright , i hope you like my first car reveiw . feel free to post!!!

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      nice i like it, i thought it was going to be a video but this is cool too.

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      Yeah no offence, but videos would be better and more entertaining, with a narration.
      I mean the conclusion you explained was probably 90% of JC2 players exact thoughts of that terrible car haha ;P

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      Lol exactly

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      you should do one of the TG races- a car racing a heli or a jet. probably better off with the heli though

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      This would be a good idea… Who would do it though? You can’t do it by yourself.

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