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      The description is in the mod, which is here

      The description is also in a readme. If you’re having issues with mod installation, check out this thread

      As it says, this mod alters many areas of gameplay. Where’s that description…

      This is a general gameplay mod package that integrates a number of modded parts of the game. It even has it’s own thread (like half the others)

      Note: I changed it to a rar because too many people don’t get small unpack. Now officially a .rar file. Install the dropzone into your install or copy the files out of it. Do not place this dropzone folder inside your own dropzone folder. That’s stupid.

      ::Installation and Removal::

      To install simply copy the contents of this dropzone folder into your dropzone folder. If you do not have a dropzone folder, you create it within the just cause install folder so that the path is C:…Justcause2Dropzone.

      Most of the mods may be installed or uninstalled without affecting other mods.

      – Weapons.bin
      – Weapon_upgrades.bin
      – Grappleparams.bin

      These three are all interconnected, and if you wish to remove one you must remove the other two as well.

      – Camera_settings.bin
      – Camera_defaults.bin

      These two are also interconnected, and must be removed or installed together. All files are independent of each other unless noted above.

      Changes by file

      :: ::

      – Majora’s Mask Moon

      :: sportscar.eez ::

      – Sports car speed slightly increased, traction slightly increased, acceleration slightly increased, health vastly increased.

      :: atv.eez ::

      – Same general changes as the sports car.

      :: barge.eez ::

      – speedbarge mod from vehicles

      :: AIparams.bin ::

      – AI reaction to impulse forces increased. Ragolls will generally fly a good bit further

      :: blackmarket.bin ::

      – Prices for all items lowered to 10% of normal

      – Panay’s rocket launcher and bubble gun/explosive minigun added (see weapons.bin for bubble gun mod)

      – upgrade prices reduced to 5, 5, 10, 10, and 15 for the progressive level upgrades.

      :: Cameral_defaults and camera_settings ::

      – Disables camera auto-center in vehicles

      :: Explosion_triggered_mine.bin ::

      Triggered mine explosion graphic changed to that of a firebomb (small mushroom cloud)

      :: grapplingparams.bin ::

      – Grapple range extended to 100x normal

      – Grapple speed increased, 40 to 50 mph while chute deployed, 40 to 100 mph for normal grappling.

      – Grapple melee impulse increased, you’ll knock cars around and npcs will go flying

      – Grapple pull strength increased, you’ll pull enemies into the air, perfect for constant juggle kills

      :: Heatspawn.bin ::

      – Military presence increased at all levels, most spawns increased by one or two per heat level. Chopper respawn time decreased for heat 3-5, boat spawns increased at all heat levels to provide lots of pursuit at high heat levels. Heat 5 is something to be avoided, heat in general will have more gameplay impact.

      :: Player.bin ::

      – Damage resistance increased

      :: sheldonservice.bin ::

      – Black Market Cutscenes disabled

      :: weapon_upgrades.bin ::

      – Revolver damage, stability, impulse, fire rate increased

      – assault rifle damage, stability, impulse increased

      – Bubble gun damage, stability, impulse, magazine capacity increased

      :: weapons.bin ::

      – Shotgun damage per pellet decreased, pellet number increased, for both shotguns. More lightshow, about the same damage.

      – bubble gun turned into 2 handed minigun held like an assault rifle. has explosive rounds, does high damage.

      – grapple range increased (part of grapplingparams.bin mod)

      – Assault rifle made 1 handed

      – Big Shotgun made 1 handed

      – Range adjusted on NPC hit values to prevent assault rifle goons from hitting you from 200 yards away.

      – Panay’s rocket launcher changed to reflect more realitstic values.

      – Grenade explosive range increased to 7.25 feet at level 6. C4 range increased to 10 feet at level 6. Rocket launcher explosive range increased from 3.5 to 5.5 in radius.

      :: worldsim.bin ::

      – General spawns increased. Land vehicle spawn times shortened, and vehicle variety increased. Plane spawns greatly increased, you’ll often see tons of planes flying all over the place, and get random chaos from planes colliding with crap when you’re at low atlitudes.

      Any mod you install that replaces one of these files will conflict. If you’d like a mod integrated, there are some tutorials which will likely give you enough info to do it yourself in that area, you can also post a request here or in the mod creation forums and we’ll do our best on it.

      I’ve updated the file from a .sarc to a .rar file, so you can just unrar it. Copy the files into your own dropzone folder. If you don’t have dropzone in your installation directory just copy the whole thing folder and all.

      I will say, the point of this is to mod things which make the game more fun to play without completely destroying the intended single player experience. I’ll be adding things to it as I go and updating it randomly as I find mods I like. I don’t intend to add in things like bubble guards, ridiculous weapons (other than my trusty explosive revolver), or significant graphical changes. I’m going for tweaking without outright changing or breaking regular gameplay.

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      Updates to Mod Package

      I’ve added a few new things to the mod package. Worldsim.bin increases world vehicle spawns, the ATV and black market sports car have both been upgraded to handle somewhat better and to be faster, within the limits of regular driveability.

      The moon is the moon from Majora’s Mask. If you don’t know what it is, google it. Then go download project64 and play it(buying a decent analog controller for your PC along the way if you need to) because you’re missing out.

      Heatspawn has been increased. Heat will mean more now, I’m playing this on experienced and level 5 is something to be avoided at all costs, or you have to abandon what you’re doing and run like hell, which is how I like it.

      The black market cutscenes have been disabled. I’ve added the extra weapons to the black market.

      I’ll be modding the bubble gun soon to turn it into a 2 handed assault rifle with the minigun model that fires explosive rounds really really fast. Sometime in the next few days. It says that I made the minigun a 2 handed inventory item, some people have responded that it doesn’t work. I’m not entirely sure why it won’t let you pick it up into inventory, possibly something about weapon type. Giving another weapon the model should solve the problem just fine in practical reality.

      The increased spawn worldsim.bin may be removed in a future revision, it’s fun while you’re flying but it appears to occasionally affect ground spawning. Going to test that more and see what’s going on.


      The bubble gun is now a minigun.

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      New file, primary change involves the bubble gun, I had to find a new weapon_upgrades.bin with the bubble gun’s values in it (mine was hashed) so that I could make the bubble gun not do 0 damage.

      Description changed to a more workable format. Description in OP will be updated.

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      Wow Fox, that worldsim.bin looks awful familiar :huh:

      Have you experienced any crashes (gamefreeze, AI freeze up) using the heatspawn.bin? I am updating my mod and keep getting crashes, trying to pinpoint the cause.


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      No crashes. Occasionally spawning drops off entirely for no explained reason, but it hasn’t had any significant gameplay effects.

      And yeah, I have your worldspawn. I tried to modify the values a little bit, but increasing them even a little bit over the numbers you used started causing spawn issues. At one point I had a military base that was empty because there were so many vehicles currently active that it didn’t spawn anything other than like three random guys at the base, no parked vehicles, no guards in the towers, etc.

      Technically I edited the file several times and then edited it back :P

      I mean, the mod package is basically my dropzone all .rar’ed up. I put various in the “authors” section for a reason.

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      I’m just messing with you man. It is Avalanche’s work, not mine.:P

      Yeah, I pretty much hit the ceiling with # of spawns. I am updating my other mod now and it keeps crashing, which is why I asked. I put a lot into the update though, so it will not be able to have additional spawns at all, maybe even less than default.

      Thanks for the help.

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      Tony Booth

      In your next release can u plz add the triggered explosive v2 i really like the guns in this pack but it replaces the weapons :(

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      This should do you. The explosion_triggered_mine is the same one from the mod(redundant, I don’t really know why I even added it). The weapons.bin is all of my mods and his mod as well. Copy over and it should all work fine. [file name=Newweaponsfile.rar size=6957][/file]

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      Shitbag is right. There’s a lot of shit in here, but it pays off; THIS MOD IS AWESOME

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