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      The NOC Tools

      NOC Services Tools

      NOC management has five essential elements known as tools which are a vital element toward improvement. You need to know which tools will give you the best return on the investment into outsourcing to companies such as ExterNetworks. There are many ways that these tools can help you to give your team more control over tasks while putting the NOC in a position to be an exclusive resource for the IT department.

      The Five Essential Tools of Network Operation Center Services:

      • Incident Tracking through a Ticketing System

        The use of a ticketing system will enable all issues to be kept track of by the urgency, severity and who is assigned to handle a specific task. Issues that arise tickets are created to describe the issue so that it can be processed and assigned to the correct person or department. When the person or department assigned to a task cannot complete it, the ticket will move to the next level for correction. The best service can be provided to customers and the tasks of each shift prioritized by making all pending issues known.

      • Centralization of Knowledge

        A centralized place for all documentation and knowledge that is readily accessible to every team member is known as the knowledge base. It should be a fluid source of information that is always up to date with lessons from incidents so they can be used to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. The experiences should be referenceable to the entire company and used in making future improvements to the organization.

      • Daily and Monthly Reports for Measuring Incident Severity and Improvement Progress

        Reports should be created on both a daily and monthly basis. The last 24 hours should be included in the daily report with every major incident included. All incidents that were resolved should have the root cause listed. The reports help the NOC managers, shift leaders, and the entire IT department knew about the activities of the NOC and significant incidents. The progress of the team can be measured when the monthly report is made from the daily reports. Trends in performance will be seen more efficiently, and areas that can use improvement will be identified speeding up the process.

      • Monitoring – NOC has two monitoring process types that are relevant to it:

        • Infrastructure monitoring – Environment of the data center, network, or servers make up the monitoring of the infrastructure. This allows for the entire system to be protected from threats by detecting them early.
        • User experience monitoring – problems are replicated to find practical solutions by simulating the activities and behavior of users to see the resulting actions associated with them. Actual issues that users run into can be duplicated to find ways to fix them and to prevent them in the future making the experience more pleasing to everyone.
      • Automation of the IT Process

        Time is freed up for more strategic projects through the automation of repetitive daily tasks. Level 1 teams can deal with restart services, clean-up of disk space and resetting of passwords. MTTR is also reduced in critical incidents during IT Process Automation. Essential events of the system can be handled during off hours through the triggering of specific workflows.
        The benefits of having all of these services outsourced and automated assists with expediting the process of problem-solving. Staff is freed up to do other things when the issues with the network and that arise for customers is handled remotely. User experiences are made smoother through the improvements that monitoring creates.

      Know More: The NOC Tools

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      I would love to read your article. With lots of interesting information, it left me with a deep impression, hoping that you will have more interesting articles.

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