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      The NOC Functionalities

      NOC Services Functionalities

      The focal point of organizations to control and monitor networks is the NOC. This is where the network operations are kept up to par through all the stages, ways and channels of communication available to the staff that is overseeing them. The ability to outsource these services and have them performed twenty-four hours a day allows companies to detect and fix issues immediately preventing downtime and loss profits. The benefits are increased when an experienced MSP such as ExterNetworks takes over the basic functions.

      NOC Major Functions

      The technical team of the NOC keeps an eye on the endpoints by managing and monitoring to resolve issues as they come up and prevent issues from occurring by taking preventative measures. Engineers, technicians, and other staff is free to perform other tasks.

      • Network Monitoring

        Available around the clock with ExterNetworks, remote network monitoring allows applications and machines to be checked remotely. Custom watches designed to keep an eye on clients, equipment and products are done by specialist ensuring that everything is working correctly at all times. Monitoring of the network can also be used to identify threats and other issues in the network which increases the efficiency of the network.

      • Incident Response

        NOC outsourcing through ExterNetworks gives faster incident response times allowing them to be taken care of as they occur no matter what time it is. Incidents are responded to and resolved more quickly with the benefit of 24 hours 7 day a week monitoring to identify them as they occur. The improved response times means that incidents are dealt with faster and can be prevented more easily in the future.

      • Establishment, Investigating and Refreshing of Application software.

        Picking the correct application software for a business can improve the functioning and efficiency and the proper software will ensure that your business is saving time and resources. The application software is a program for performing specific functions such as resource coordination, figure calculations, and information management. Visuals can be constructed and data manipulated through the use of application software.
        The outsourced noc services can include finding the new application software and checking it for issues that can cause problems with the network. The software can also be updated to perform tasks more efficiently, and this will increase the overall efficiency of the company.

      • Patch Management

        Patches are part of the network security. The management of patches assists in the acquiring, installation and testing of multiple patches or code changes on software tools and applications that are already present on computers. Systems remain up to date with existing patches and the appropriateness of patches is determined. The types of patches implemented in a network depends on the types of threats that are present.

      • Network Capacity and Backup

        Network operations centers can remotely backup the data on the company’s network. The capacity refers to the available storage space for the backing up of files and other data on the server. This reduces or even eliminates the need for in-house backup systems. The storage capacity needed for regular backups on in-house systems is also reduced when backups are done remotely from an off-site location. There can be an increase in storage capacity to ensure that the network does not fail as a result of an inability to restore it from a backup.

      NOC Support

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      The service function of the NOC you share helps me expand my knowledge. Thanks for sharing this great post.
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