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      The Goal

      To make a playable ninja character with all animations from the game along with some extra features

      ideas so far:

      – faster player movements
      – higher jumping
      – melee sword attack
      – grenades turned to smoke bombs

      Now im not sure if this is even possible right now, i know that we have the player model, but getting the sword melee and vanishing effect to work are questionable.

      my modding skills are limited so this could take me awhile to get done, if anyone out there would like this mod to get done faster and can help out with the process let me know and drop some ideas here.

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      that’s cool, the whip attack is almost like one of the ninja weapons, i think it was the sickle on a chain.

      But yea, it does need a sword, jump higher… Look into low gravity then?

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      ya i have been looking in the files tryin to figure out if any of this stuff is possible and unfortunately i just dont know enough about modding to find the anwser.

      I have decided to work on a bunch of ninja reskins though for now, so if we eventually have a mod for this i will also provide a variety of costumes.

      btw 1time is my older nick, so i will be using this one from now on.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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