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      JayBee Jones

      Hey yo
      So I was running the game on a HD7870 for a cpl of years now and never had trouble with it.
      Since 3months I own a GTX 960 from Nvidia. The GPU water looks good. But let us come to my actual problem:
      hell lot of graphic glitches and problems.
      1. The stretched buildings glitch. While in the city from some perspectives textures seem to be missing and textures of buildings get stretched into eternity.
      I tried to turn on and off all options in the graphics menu and also tweaked a bit with nvidias setting. on nvidias forums there is a thread related to this problem, but no real solution. So does anyone here know what to do?
      2. decals-red-beams-glitch. A very well known problem are red beams that appear while being shot at, running the game on a Nvidia GTx 660 or higher and having decals activated in the graphics menu. (short annotation: never had that problem in Multiplayer). The only reasonable solution I found was to turn off decals… but I got a brand new PC and wanna run the game on highest settings possible… so maybe, just maybe someone has another solution for this glitch?
      3. might be a mod related problem, bug or glitch. my grapple hook is incredibly strong. I can one shot generals with q-hitting them. all kinds of vehicles either explode or fly straight up to the sky with high speed. I never downloaded any “super strong grapple hook”…. I only use BoloPatch to improve my grappling hook, but even if it is turned off it still behaves that way. anyone ever experienced something like this?
      4. weird shadowlike structures. Since I updated my Nvidia driver a few days ago I experience weird shdaowlike structures under lampposts and in the sky.. they appear to be clouds from far but disappear as soon as I get closer to them. anyone every had this?
      Maybe someone can help… thanks 😀

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