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      While snooping through the game files, I stumbled upon a file that might contain all the secrets necessary for modding A LOT of the game, including:

      -map data
      -map heights
      -map ambient occlusion map
      -map metadata (?)
      -map metaweights(something to do with “metaballs” from Autodesk Maya)
      -all of the fucking unknown references in .xml files whose location we could never figure out

      -textures of:

      -vehicle decals, palettes, etc.
      -various vehicle parts
      -President Statue
      -map ground type
      -the military parachutes
      -a 1.3 MB, 1024×1024 DDS of all the doors in the game (lol!)
      -ALL roadsigns in the game. Yes. ALL roadsigns.
      -Posters, market textures, etc.
      -window textures!!! (though unfortunately most are 1 KB files that don’t look very promising other than changing color of entire window)
      -almost all of the HUD
      -many, many , many, MANY unknown, unused, and unfinished files

      -models of:

      -various vehicle parts
      -President Statue
      -the elusive tank cannon and turret
      -TONS of unknown models and files that gibbed’s tools can’t open
      -Did I mention weapons?

      Some screens:


      I’ll keep you guys updated as I go on.

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      Very cool – Definitely keep us posted. :-)

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      Big Boss

      It would be great if somebody could do this gun to replace the Default pistol:


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      Update: There is a very big problem right now. The files that I located are in a .blz file, and the game won’t load even with an unmodded version of that blz file in the dropzone. I’ve emailed gibbed about the problem (about a week ago) and asked on his twitter (about 2 weeks ago), but no response yet. So we’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of this, unless one of us figures out a solution to the blz problem soon.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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