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      The primary idea of this thread is:
      – The explosive is sticky
      – Can be detonated manually, or timed (~30 seconds)
      – Can be added onto many weapons

      Say you want to shoot timed explosives onto multiple objects, but don’t want to run to each one and plant them yourself.

      Well what if you can “upgrade” your grenade launcher to shoot sticky rounds, which can be detonated using a keyboard function, otherwise make it 2-handed and the other mouse button uses a detonation.

      What if you can add this to a vehicle, allowing you to modify it to not only have machine guns and grenade launchers, but the grenade launchers can shoot timed/remote explosives.

      Also a great use with the parachute, as you can drop a ton of these bombs over an area, and set em off later with the use of a detonator.

      Expansions on this idea:

      Aircraft that can drop bombs, in form of normal detonation on contact, or sticky timed bombs (Basically Bomber Planes).

      Additional notes:
      – It should be possible to set off the explosion with another explosion, so planting a ton of c4s onto a vehicle and ramming it into the group would create a even bigger explosion.

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