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      If would be super awesome if some one or a group of modders got together and made a Star wars Conversion mod for Just Cause 2. What it could change:
      -Change Mile High Club into Jabbas Sai barge
      -Change Rico into a Mandolorian (I.E Boba Fett of Jango Fett) after all, Mandolorians are mercs, just like Rico
      -Turn Panau Troops into Storm Troopers or Droids
      -Turn The 3 Factions into Rebels(Make at least one faction Rogue Jedis)
      -(Optional)Turn Civilians into various Star Wars Races (Biths, Bothans, Droid, Gamorian, Geonosian, Wookie, Ect) Or just give them futuristic looking clothing
      -Change Frag Grenade into Thermal Detonator
      -Change Pistol into Blaster Pistol (The ones Storm Troopers use)
      -Change Revolver into Blaster Pistol (The ones the Rebels use)
      -Change Triggered Explosive into Detpack (These have only been seen in the Star Wars Battlefront video games)
      -Change Sniper Rifle into DC-15x Rifle
      -Change Assault Rifle into DC-15 Carbine Rifle
      -Change Sawed off Shotgun into Wookie Bowcaster
      -Change Shotgun into The Shotgun used in the Star Wars Battlefront Game series
      -Change Submachine gun into Boba Fetts EE-3 Carbine Rifle
      -Change Machine gun into E-11 Blaster Rifle
      -Change Grenade Launcher into HH-4 Grenade Launcher
      -Change Rocket Launcher into RPS-6 Rocket Launcher
      -Change Minigun into Z-6 Rotary Blaster
      *If you would like to see my suggestions for DLC guns or Vehicles then post a comment*
      Vehicles(I will only include the ones I see fit for being changed into Star Wars Vehicles):
      -Change Agency Hovercraft into IFT-X Saber Class Fighting Tank
      -Change AH-33 Topachila into CIS Droid Gunship
      -Change H-62 Quapaw into LAA/T Gunship
      -Change ATV’s into Various Star Wars Speeder Bikes
      -Change any car of your choosing into a Snow speeder
      -Change F-33 Drangonfly Jet Fighter into Z-95 Starfighter

      Just Some suggestions. If anyone wants to take this and make it a dream come true, please PM me or comment.
      Please comment if you have any ideas for Vehicles/weapons/people that should be “Star warsized.”
      I would love this to happen. I would do it if I had the skills to make mods.

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      Your sharing is of great help to my work. I have learned a lot from this article of yours.
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