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      I can’t say the textures are better, but I can say that they are sharper.

      This mod replaces most of the terrain landscape textures with ones at double the resolution, including normal maps. It also replaces road and water textures. It does not affect non-terrain textures, characters, vehicles or the sky.

      To install, drag the ‘dropzone’ folder into your main Just Cause 2 directory. This will overwrite other mods that affect the same textures, but nothing else.To uninstall, just remove the files.


      v1.1 – Made a few textures closer to their original counterparts, added new dirt road, sea foam and water textures

      v1.0 – Initial release

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      Submitted On: 30 Nov 1999 :ohmy:

      But seriously, looks good I’ll definitely try it out when I have time! :)

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      From the screenshots I saw, this looks awesome. I can’t wait to try it out.

      FINDarkside wrote:
      Submitted On: 30 Nov 1999 :ohmy:

      Yeah that’s some database issue with Remository. Just a glitch, nothing to worry about.

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      Link is dead, please reupload

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      apdapreturns wrote:
      Link is dead, please reupload

      Hmmm, It just now worked for me. It takes you to MediaFire for download, because the file is so big.

      (Maybe right click on the link and open in new tab? )

      update – Oh, by the way, I’m using firefox… maybe browser is affecting it.

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      Thanks for the mod it’s great. Nice! I just got a Steam Wallet card code for FREE! 😀

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