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      Hi, I’m new to the forums and modding Just Cause 2, however I have some experience with modding other open world games (mostly GTA IV), so I thought I’d bring one of my ideas about SAM sites to the forum and see if anyone knows if it’s do able.

      The idea is pretty much that the player could hack the enemy SAM sites, at which point they’d fight for the player against enemy helicopters, which would help when attacking an enemy base. They would also count as “destroyed” so they wouldn’t cause the player to be unable to complete a location.

      Let me know what you guys think. :D

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      That would take a lot of work, and I was wondering the same thing.

      I was also wondering if we could increase the SAM’s rate of fire. (Otherwise, Why does it have so many firing ports)

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      I increased their AI range by 5 fold and I am not sure they need a fire rate increase, as the increased range works pretty well. Now they do what they are supposed to, and fire before you are on top of the base destroying them.

      I think we are a way off from hacking them as that would require a new block of code.

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      I had a feeling it wouldn’t be possible, at least not at the moment. We can always hope that one of the devs reads this thread and decides it’s a good idea.

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      To get the firing rate to increase someone would have to find every instance of the same sites (I’ve found about 8 file so far) and change them.

      I have however made a mod that has them fire 4 at a time, decreased the damage a bit (Since getting hit by all 4 was instant death) and increased the bullet spread. I’ll upload it in a sec.

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      first I would want smart missiles.. not dumb missiles. I can dodge them in a helicopter..

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      Want me to make them 5x fast so that right as they fire you get hit? Those are hard to dodge

      Edit: okay so I made a version that makes it so that SAM sties don’t do anything, except I can’t seem to turn off the sounds for it. People still say the SAM site is locked on and firing and such, but the SAM site never fires. Fixed that, now trying smarter missles. Not really sure what determines where they go. Although figuring out how to make stuff track people would be awesome.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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