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      Daryko R

      So, I’m new here, hi everyone!
      I was thinking, why nobody do some big arsenal mod? I mean, I ve seen many weapon mods but they arent a big deal.
      This is my idea. I apologize if I ask too much.
      -Vanilla and DLC weapons overhaul. [Maybe an improve in skin and Bmarket picture too].
      -Weapon stats tweak; damage, recoil, ammo capacity, etc.
      -Upgrade system rebalanced.
      -Real name for all weapons.
      -New weapons, maybe recycle some from JC1.
      -Gear UI Bmarquet tweaked-reorganized; pistols, shotguns, rifles, etc.
      My moding skills in JC2 are zero, so I’m looking for people to develop the mod.
      Well, that’s all. Tell me what’s ur thinking about it. Regards, folks!

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