Request: All-Terrain Car, Lighter Planes and more.

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      Hey if any modders read this, what I’d really like to see is;

      An All-Terrain Car, it can drive over water and ground (like the hovercraft) as well as being able to drive up mountains, like a few of the modded vehicles can. It should be faster than any ingame car and strong, like plane strong.

      It’d also be awesome to have lighter planes, so that they can be moved backwards or dragged.

      In addition, a plane that is easy to land (ie doesn’t blow up if it’s going more than 5 mph) would be awesome.

      Finally, it would be awesome if you could make a vehicle, that when attached to a flying plane, does not spin. This would mean when you stunt jump you don’t have to worry about falling off.

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      It seems someone has recently created something that ticks most of those boxes, you can find the modification here

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