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      Posted this in the Mods Forum, before I realized this one existed. :cheer:

      — snip —

      This is a [REQ]uest, from an old school modder to the current JC2 modding community. I do not plan on personally getting involved in creating mods for JC2, but I cannot help feeling like there is something missing from the current slew of Black Market mods. Not to mention – the Black Market as released with the game is severely lacking.

      Here is a wishlist of things (either realistic or outlandish) that it would be nice to see in an Ultimate Black Market mod:


      • All vehicles eventually available (included for unlocking)
      • Different vehicles unlocked at specific levels of Chaos achieved by the player (ala the current Agency Vehicle system). Cheaper vehicles (or those more common) available earlier.
      • All vehicles upgradeable (similar to agency upgrades)
      • Vehicle upgrade costs changed to 1/2/3/4/5 (parts per upgrade tier), but only if all vehicles are upgradeable.
      • Vehicle costs at 25% of original for agency (new vehicles similarly and realistically priced)
      • Cost to buy a vehicle goes up when more upgrades are added to it
      • Vehicles sorted by type (Agency Vehicles at top)
      • Random Vehicle Roulette – you pay $X and get a random vehicle dropped to you (nothing really expensive like a Jet)


      • All weapons eventually available (included for unlocking)
      • More powerful weapons (like the minigun) unlocked at higher levels of Chaos.
      • All weapons upgradeable (similar to agency upgrades)
      • Weapon upgrade costs dropped very slightly, to accommodate the few new weapons added.
      • Weapon costs at 25% of original (new weapons similarly priced).
      • Cost to buy a weapon goes up when more upgrades are added to it
      • A purchasable Ammo Drop (no item is dropped, your ammo for that type of weapon simply goes up to max when bought). Possible variation are Ammo Drop Kits (i.e. refills ammo to max for Pistol/SMG) at the same time.


      • Black Market cutscenes (all kinds) optional

      I do realize that some of this might only be possible with scripting, some may not be possible at all given our current tools. I simply wanted to throw a wish list out there for some features that would finally make the Black Market in JC2 worth it, realistic, and immersive. Toss out additional suggestions if you guys have them, ideas on how to make this stuff work, etc.

      If we can’t make it happen via modding tools, perhaps some or all of the ideas will make it back to the Devs for inclusion in either a patch or expansion down the road.

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