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      this thread is for those who wish to have a posse meetup in the MP portion (on X360) of the upcoming title by R*, Red Dead Redemption. the game releases on May 18th and i couldn’t be more excited about it. if you aren’t, then we have a problem. be sure to check out all the latest videos of the game at here —>
      official site for Red Dead Redemption

      please post your XBL tag if you are picking this awesome title up and wish to meet fellow gamers in the wild west!

      XBL: Zenin LXL

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      i will definitely be getting this game, my gamertag is ‘Zenin LXL’ i think first ill be playing as much single player as possible thats how i usually do it. single player then multiplayer :D

      add me as a friend im sure we have other games in common. you havn’t posted your XBL tag

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