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      So lets see… every gta game has radio stations, saints row has radio stations, the iphone game Gangster has radio stations, and im sure theres lots of other games that do

      for this type of free roam game with over 100 vehicles… “WHERE ARE THE RADIO STATIONS”

      someone needs to try to create some radio stations for this :)

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      Create some radio stations? that would be fun.

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      Even if we can manage to port over a radio from Saints row or GTA…. we will need radio in some form

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      Exactly, if we could work out how to set when the radio turns on we could get people from the just cause 2 forums to record it lol

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      Yes. That would be such a good idea

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      Lol if it were possible to, it would be good to have a live radio station to this site where it uses microsoft sam to read out the latest mods and news xD

      but still.. thats just about at possible as us replacing a tuk tuk with a Lamborghini Mercielago

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      Microsoft Sam, the only remotely confident voice in the whole of panau!

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      We could also have propaganda stations for the factions.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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