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      If your like me when you play as other characters and hear Rico especially female one`s but other male guys. For example the Ular Boys or Roaches, Baby Panay. It`s annoying hear them sound as Rico. What this mod in general does is quiet`s or mute`s Rico your player character so he no longer talk`s or grunts etc. This does not affect your heat and wanted level with the cops they still talk along with the alerts going off. I thought this was a sorely needed addition to the mods section enjoy!!

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      Hi Jokel317 – This sounds great (no pun intended.)

      Looking forward to trying it. I mostly use Bolo as my character, so on the rare occasions when I’m actually doing a story mission – I always have to make sure to turn the volume down / subtitles on first! ;)


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      I use the new Kane mod. Ive finished the story and all missions about a few months ago. Sometimes I switch characters. But plan to stay with Kane for now. I hope you enjoy the mod. Now you should`nt have to worry about turning the volume down! ;)

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