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    Hi,I want to pick up Just Cause 2 for my PC off Steam since its only $15 but there seems to be a problem. I got the demo first and messed around with the setting (basically just switching default for optimal) and when i started it up the initial scene was terrible. It was dark and to the point where all shadowy and dark areas have a fuzz in it and the voices were off a bit due to it lagging.When i got in to the actual game the shadow fuzz was still kinda there but only in really dark areas, while there was no lagging in real time gameplay. So i was wondering if this is just a problem with the demo or if its something with my PC.

    The scene doesnt change no matter what the settings are and i know my computer can handle the game, so whats causing this?

    Please help.

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    • This topic was modified 10 months, 1 week ago by  JoeClark.
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