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      This is a really really crazy idea, but here goes:

      What if in another parallel universe, Baby Panay defeated the protagonist, and succeeded in developing super weapons, and took over the whole planet?

      What if he doesn’t feel satisfied, so he ordered his scientist to create dimensional gateways to the “real” world (game world)?

      So now your playing as a mercenary, who has to deal with a villainous dictator, and all of a sudden energy holes started appearing in various regions of Panau, and a mysterious army came forth, destroying your allied factions, and allying with the present Baby Panau.

      Also, they’ve brought new weapons into the game…

      – Energy variant weapons! With the possibility to disintegrate enemy on death!

      – More SCI-FI vehicles, since the “Neo”-Panay had researched into super weapons, he has access to advanced technology.

      – Because this idea has a load of ideas, this brings forth another chapter in the game, sorta like expanding it.

      Boss Battles! This version of Panay isn’t so much a baby anymore, he has essentially modified himself into a buffed-up cyborg to aim at immortality.

      In order to defeat this advanced army, your protagonist must shut down their gateways, but before that, kill their LEADER (Obviously Neo-Panay would have to appear in the game to ally with Baby Panay!)

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