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      Hey all,
      started modding vehicle handlings back some days.
      I´ve got the Dalton N90 to a kind of 0.9 version i think.

      Still will Cruise it around the map to see if i can find anything hardly annoying on it and change it.

      Carefull driftable by tappin the handbrake.
      Changed Values:
      AirDensity, AngularDamping, Boyancy, CollisionSpinDamping, CollisionSpinThreshold, Deadzone, ExtraGravity,InitialSlope, LinearDamping, NormalClippingangle, NormalSpinDamping,SlopeChangeX, Friction max_friction, slip_angle, viscosity, antirollbar_strength, suspension: compression; length; relaxation; strength, speed_forward, deform_scale, explosion armor, explosion_threshold, impact_armor, max_health, InertiaRoll, InertiaYaw, LiftCoefficent…

      That should be all so far.
      Vehice Value List with Explanations :http://www.justcause2mods.com/forum?func=view&catid=21&id=861#861

      Please gimme some Feedback if you dislike some behaviour´s of the Car, thanks.
      You can mention personal wishes and i´ll see what i can do as long i got time and the knowledge.^^

      I´ll use this thread and edit my first Post to announce further Car modifications

      Betatester: Nutcake

      Download link: http://www.justcause2mods.com/mods/Vehicles/Cars/Nkosi%C2%B4s-Handling-mod—Dalton-N90-v0.9/

      Dalton N90 v0.9a Preview

      Changes: unlocked differential lock, slightly use of anti roll bar, adjusted slip angle of the wheels (effects the angle the tyre has to reach to start slipin away), improved brakes( you dont see your rear passing you anymore just cause u braked) u can stear while braking and still controll the car, u can drift now even on high speed.

      Will be Released soon.

      [Will cut the Post into shape as soon as im not that tired] ^^

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      Awesome! i’ll get right to trying it out

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      Looks like the handling is much improved from vanilla, where vehicles are just “loose gooses”.

      Hopefully this is able to be replicated en-masse for other vehicles, as doing just one only helps that one vehicle (of course).

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      How you mean “much improved from vanilla” oO sorry my english isnt the best.

      And yes my Plan is to edit every Car in this Way.

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      Vanilla, meaning the unmodified versions of the vehicles (those that come with the game).

      While I really enjoy driving in sandbox games, JC2 made it not much fun with autos that handle like they are on rubber bands. A mod fixing this would be great.

      Only other complaint I have with vehicles and how they handle, is that many of them are too touchy with keyboard steering. A tap on the left/right key sends it veering off to either side, instead of just a small adjustment. If you fix that it would be just as nice as a complete handling overhaul.

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      ah i see @ “vanilla” :) thanks.
      but thought i would have fixed that kind of rail steering, even if its still not complete removed as the friction is kinda tricky.
      but the steering speed and sensitivity is adjusted aswell.oO

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      Just tried out the modified Dalton. It is easier to drive and handles better than the default.

      Steering is still touchy (a slight tap on A or D keyboard keys is a large change in direction), and suspension is “bouncy”. I think most of the vehicles in JC2 have far too much spring in their suspension. I don’t know if that is something you can alter without changing in-game physics.

      Also, it took one hell of a beating in my test run. 6 rolls on it’s side through a grove of trees, and 4 more end over end over rocks on the side of the road. Then I ran it headfirst into the back of a trash truck at top speed. The chassis was beat up, but it still ran perfect, and wasn’t close to smoking yet. So the armor (health?) value might be a bit too high.

      I will note that I could perform complex sideways driving stunts (drifting, etc), and recover control a lot easier than I could with the default Dalton. So the traction and resistance to tumbling is great.

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      good vid, nice mod, VERY ANNOYING music IMO though 😆

      anyway can’t wait to see more vehicle’s modded…

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      I love this mod, good luck with the other vehicles.

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      New Preview of the Dalton N90 v0.9a in the first Post of this Thread!

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      v0.9a looks insane, whens it gonna be released, btw, gave you karma for this, i think karmas good like kudos =P

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      I knew there was a reason I never drive that thing more than a few times. This mod makes it drivable thanks very cool and the preview of the up coming one looks way better.

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      haha its like outrun mad drifting..but the driving seems a bit too bouncy.

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      Never released v0.9a :(

      Current available version v0.9 doesn’t seem very useful because you can’t make sharp turns with the handbrake anymore. Once you get the car pointed in the right direction to make the turn it snaps back to the original angle…

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