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    I have a weapons.bin from Increased-Grapple-Range-Speed and a weapons.bin from All-weapons-have-Sniper-Scope. I’m trying to combine them of course. There are No instructions for this mod and the forum thread the creator links to doesn’t exist any longer. (

    I assume I’m to select each weapons.bin for slot 1 and 2 and the mod will combine them into one file that can be used by both mods, then I’d copy that file into the dropzone folder. It doesn’t work. I get error messages. First for File 1, I select the weapons.bin from Increased-Grapple-Range-Speed. Next I select the weapons.bin from All-weapons-have-Sniper-Scope, then I hit Combine. I now get two error messages. 1) ” Gibbed.Avalanche.BinConvert has stopped working. ”  – There is no option to run the Jar file as Administrator. The 2nd) error says, ” C:\Users\JohnSmith\Downloads\JustCause 2 Master + Mods\MODS\Mods Unziped\All-weapons-have-sniper-Scope\All weapons have scope\dropzone\weapons.xml (The system cannot find the file specified) ”  – That is correct, I don’t have nor should I that I can see, any weapons.xml in the dropzone folder. Of course I’m trying to create the new weapons.bin file away from the game installation folder because the two mods are not installed yet.

    Can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong so I can get this to work?, Thanks. Does the program need to be in the JustCause 2 folder for it to work perhaps?

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