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      I as a noob modder made a few mods some time ago and recently started picking at them again. I have forgotten most of what i knew. I wanted to upload my best work a mod called Apocalypse Hedge. Apparently it is crashing for other people likely due to a missing file. It of course works fine for me. I took everything out of dropzone except my file and it still works so I believe it is the archives, such as the .tab or .arc files that got changed but I really don’t know how to troubleshoot this. Any suggestions? I’ll add the file here. Not sure adding a file here is gonna work as the add file is blank after I’ve selected location. The file is under vehicle mods on the first page.

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      I can’t help you but this link is for the person who can help you! Link to your MOD! :P


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      Hi Alocrius – Just a quick suggestion re: your question about whether your .arc & .tab files may have been changed.

      Go to Steam –> Library –> Right click on your game –> Properties –> Local Files Tab –>
      Verify Integrity of Game Cache

      That will “repair” any compromised files.

      Then, go here for a refresher on modding JC2
      Orientation – A Roadmap to Modding

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      Ok, I think i have a more specific question. When I was modding I think I made a folder in the main game directory called archives_win32. That has the hedge wildchild orig file in it I believe. I think i altered that file with my mod so I need to include that file in my mod but I don’t know how to identify the specific file anymore. They are the .tab and .arc files..

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      You altered one of the original game files? Or did you make your own set of arc/tab files? Remember, the pc0,pc1,pc2,pc3, and pc4 arc/tab files are the original game files.

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