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      i find the lack of music in-game disturbing.
      so i put on my mp3 player from windows, but the music doesn’t quite fit.

      so i’m thinking of a context sensitive music player (like oblivion/fallout3 have)
      which plays different folders full of mp3s depending on what it is you’re doing:

      – roaming the island
      – roaming the skies
      – dropping from the sky like the goddamn batman
      – attacking a base
      – on a mission
      – under heat
      – in a firefight


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      ya that would be cool but probally only possible with a sdk i would think, i like the music in the game though, it just needs to play more often, seems it only popsup when you get close to certain things, maybe we can increase the triggers so stuff plays more often.

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      I don’t even care about music that fits (wouldn’t complain though) :) It would just be nice to change the crappy (lack of) music in the game (without having to alt-tab to another music player)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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