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      I’m making a list of all things about JC2 modding that I can find on Facepunch forums (where Prof Farnsworth, Rick, polimer_jones, and Bolo all came from), which is a much odler forum than JC2mods and has much more information on mod potential.

      Someone asked what made explosions bigger…so I did some researching..


      The code is the parameters for the hand grenade
      The line in bold is the variable that sets the explosion of the weapon. It is at 20 right now which means it will have the explosion of a satchel charge (the satchel charge is bigger with blacker smoke, you can tell the difference). 35 is the default value of the grenade. So replacing that with a huge explosion would make the desired effect. If you want a explosion larger than the size of the game’s native explosions you’ll need to edit the actual explosion, which is obviously somewhere. I’m gonna try looking at editing it some more, then try to see if there is an explosion scaler variable (this can be proven if someone can find two things that have the same explosion but one is say, larger in scale)

      I’m going to assume that
      is the time between waves, since those are the only ones where you decreased the number rather than increased?
      So if say, I wanted to keep everything the way it is and just increase time between spawns, I would increase that value in seconds? I’m gonna try it and see.

      Talking about heatspawn.bin. ^^^

      I’ve been looking at it. There is no line of sight value for heat (I don’t think).

      All I’ve done so far is jack up the amount of cops that spawn and lower there respawn time = more action

      -Prof Farnsworth

      JustARC Reloaded 0.6a – Download

      Have fun. :P

      (Although I still haven’t got anything back into the game yet :c)

      CJay’s JustARC reloaded, which can be downloaded on JC2mods as well.

      Bolo messing around with Time of Day settings, which for some reason drastically affects lighting.

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      Thanks CoconutFred – This could be very helpful info.

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      Second, I modified someone else’s heat spawn mod and made it slightly more ludicrous. I raised the spawn number values, which are limited somehow so although I set them to like 50 you won’t get 50 cars chasing you.

      Though , at times you will have 20 men, 5 jeeps, atvs, and 3 helicopters all loving with you so its funny. Use only with bolopatch.

      For reference, in the heatspawn.bin the values to change are:

      value id=”AFDC73EB” is time between spawns
      value id=”CC8F5957″ is amount of that type to spawn

      Get it here

      Sylink of SomethingAwful forums talking about some hashes in heatspawn.bin.

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