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      The Wiki explains most of what you need (though something that’s not mention is that all of the files need to be decrypted for it to work), there’s just a few extra steps you need to take with the 360.

      Programs you will need:

      Le Fluffie (or some other 360 package browser/creator) download here

      Some program to get the DLC files to and from your computer (XeXMenu, Xplorer or Xsata)

      Step one is extracting the .arc and .tab files from DLC package:

      Open Le Fluffie and choose “Open a file”

      Browse to where you have you DLC files stored on your computer and choose one:

      and go to contents:

      It will show the .arc and tab files contain withing the package.

      Right click and select “Extract File” and choose where you want the file to be saved.

      Step two is recreating the DLC package:

      Open Le Fluffie again and choose “Package Creation”

      For Create Type pick “STFS”

      Next you want to select the Title ID and put 534307E7:

      and where it says none, click the drop down menu and select Marketplace.

      Go to Finalization and right click on the file section:

      and add the newly created .arc and .tab files.

      Select Dev Live and click Create Package.

      You will need to choose a file name and location where you want to file to be created.

      Click Save and you’re done.

      Just place to new DLC Package in the 534307E7 folder in your 360’s Content/0000000000000000 section and enjoy your modded content :)

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      wow its taken u this long to work this out and make a tut lol
      try 2 weeks ago wen i did it

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      You made a tutorial? Where, I’ve been looking for one for a while.

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      Gawl you are my god xD thank you so much.

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      Hi there. Thanks for the tut it helps a lot !!

      But I have a problem. Yes when it’s the part where you have to put the “newly created .arc and .tab in the package”…

      WTF ??? How am I supposed to convert the .arc and .tab from PC to Xbox 360 if I wanna for exemple, use the camo scorpio parchute mod from Rebel28 ??

      Thanks for the help.

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      So.. How to we remake the .arc and .tab files for the 360 then? o.O

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