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      Alright. I’ve noticed a bunch of questions about installing mods, so here’s the basics.

      There are two basic types of Mods, and they amount to mostly the same thing.

      The first, is .arc and .tab files. If you’ve never opened the install folder, do so. There’s a folder in there called archives_32, and a bunch of files labeled pc0.arc,, etc. These are the kind of files you use with Archive Viewer.

      Any mods you get that come in .arc and .tab format will go in this folder (and it’s always a pair of files, if you have an arc without a tab you’ve got a problem)

      The rest go in dropzone. Many games have some form of override folder for modded content, this one being no different. You’d think they’d follow common sense and name it “override” like everyone else does, but I guess dropzone kept more in spirit with the 80s action movie vibe. Either that or Just Cause.

      Now that the bad jokes are out of the way, click on this link that will tell you about file types.

      Dropzone is the place for all other kinds of game files. The most common by far is .bin files, but it can include things ending in .blz, .dds, .eez, and several more. To learn more about modding, move the pointer thing here and mash madly on the left mouse button.

      Generally, installation means copying files over to the correct directory, and uninstallation means moving or deleting them. A few of the mods are .exe format, but many of them simply place the files in the right place for you (the camera mod to stop auto center comes to mind)

      A quick note about modding. Getting the toolset and learning to do some of it yourself is highly recommended. There are many settings files and one person’s mod may not include the changes from another you have installed. Some of the most common changes made so far happen in common files like weapons.bin and blackmarket.bin, and as you can only have one copy at any given time, you’ll have to edit in changes yourself, live with picking one, or search vainly for hours on the internet for someone who designed the perfect file to fill what you need.

      Towards that end, you might like this. Decent grapple length, a few weapons mods, black market mods, and a speedbarge.

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      Thanks man, i don’t know if it’s right to post here, but there isn’t a dropzone folder in my Just Cause 2 map… Any ideas?

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      JustCause2’s install generally doesn’t have a dropzone folder. Just create a new folder and rename it “dropzone” and you’re good to go.

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      where does the dropzone folder go?

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      In the “Just Cause 2” folder. For me, it’s within steamapps in the steam folder.

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      Where do you put the couger 600 mod exx file at?

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      As stated above, all mods which are not in paired .arc/.tab format go in dropzone.

      What is the full file name? If it’s in the proper folder and not working there could be something wrong with the mod, if there isn’t then perhaps you haven’t un-rared it or something.

      So far the files I’ve seen go in dropzone generally end in .bin, .eez, and .dds. Most mods files end in one of these endings when they go back in.

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      hmm… any clue on how to use 2 mods at the same time using weapon file?

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      Same problem here. How 2 use many weapon mods or mods with weapons file simulatenousltsytstly?
      Somehow open one file, and then make wanted changes to it, so one file contains all the changes you want, or wut?

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