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      Updated my mod which increases the number of police at each heat level. Also includes most military vehicles (APC, ATV, Military Jeep addition).

      This mod will not affect your heat level, based on the crime, the heat received remains the same, only the opposition increases.

      Experienced is the recommended difficulty for this mod, but will have the same effect on all difficulties.

      Any bugs or feedback, let me know please.

      New version below

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      Hey, what numbers did you change in the heatspawn bin that specify how many of whatever shows up? I’d like to increase them even further if I could

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      Very nice. This must’ve taken you a while.

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      Yea, it took a while, but this is the best kind of mod to test. Just cause chaos every time, and observe the results.

      Hope you enjoy.

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      Not sure if we can update attachments. Quick update


      One more update, but that will be it for a while :)

      more cops v1.3

      Can be found in the mods section under “Gameplay”.

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      Thank you for this mod!

      On top of the comment I made on the dl page, a few more comments after trying it out a bit more

      1. For some reason, if there is a helicopter…it idles…it stays in one place high up…if I shoot at it, it goes back to normal…kind of annoying and weird :S

      2. After killing all that dare face rico….that’s it -.-no more spawning, is it possible to decrease the spawn time? (not too much, don’t want to make it unplayable)

      3. Is it possible to make the AI go faster? my car chases end up with them not catching up to me…I was hoping for more…epic running away scenes :D

      Thank you for your work!

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      Hmmm, haven’t noticed any idle heli’s but on my game sometimes the jeeps idle and the gaurds will not attack you regardless of what you do to them. Of course when you shoot them, more come.

      I haven’t seen them run out of spawns, however, I am on experienced, and frequently die at level 3.

      I have been trying to do this since the start, and would appreciate anyone’s help. The faction vehicles are brutally slow as well.

      If you can build up a level two heat, it should be pretty hard to lose the cops while riding a civi car. Also, I cannot get it to register heat when you blow a jeep up by popping the tire and flipping it. To extend the chase, blow a vehicle by shooting it directly with your gun now and then. Should piss them off enough to send more.

      I am releasing a traffic mod soon, and hope to look at the heatspawn afterwards to work out these issues. Next update will include gaurds having the chance to spawn with rocket launchers.

      Thanks for the feedback.

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      Thank you for your work!!

      I’m playing on casual for now, I tend to play though every game on easy then hard to prepare myself

      You are right about the civil car, I happen to like using the military own cars/agency/sport cars which might explain why they can’t catch up …

      Don’t know if your traffic mod is what I think it is (increasing traffic, maybe increasing faction solder patoling?)
      Will be looking forward to it!

      And….spawn with rocket launchers???? please tell me that’s for high heat levels… I can feel myself shaking already…..

      And another thing to note, sometimes crashing into them does not provoke them….I’m guessing it has to do with the jeeps idling, not sure though (like you said, a shot at them pissing them off,)

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      Yeah, when the jeeps get stuck, they are not provoked by collisions. On casual, it may be different. If I get into a vehicle on experienced it is on fire within a few seconds, even APC’s (which may be toughened up for the next version), so there is no outrunning the cops in a vehicle.

      Right now in mine, the cops have a small percentage of spawning with rockets at all heat levels, even on patrol. I just watched a faction war and the cops had rockets, didn’t last long:woohoo: .

      Increased faction spawns are something I will try and put in the next “can’t stop the police” update as with the mod, the factions get their ass kicked. If I bundle that file with the traffic one, I don’t think people will be very happy.

      Traffic one is almost done, game just crashed, pushed the engine too far:( .

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      Awesome mod!

      Would it be possible to maybe fill the faction vehicles like you did the police? and possibly spawn more of them? I love seeing random fights between police and a faction..

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      more faction spawns lead to the game crashing. I also had all the actions fighting each other, but ran into the same problem.

      As it is now ( I am play testing the update) the factions spawn quite a bit as there is always some fight going on and they usually distract the military from you while in pursuit.

      Filling the occupancy is a good idea, although it would only apply to 2 of the factions.

      Thanks for the feedback.

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