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      So, two months ago, I started to play JC2 on PC instead of Xbox, as I now have a well-equipped machine. However, I have an issue with the game.
      The game crashes easily. It’s the only game I have had on this rig that crashes this frequently. The screen would suddenly freeze, then, if ctrl+alt+delete, “Just Cause 2 has stopped working”. It doesn’t happen that often, but if I play the game for say two hours, it tend to crash. The problem was worse when I had an overclock on my graphics card that wasn’t fully stable, but I decreased the overclock slighly and now it’s stable. The crashing problem is still there though.
      If you wonder about my ordinary performance, I run the game at max settings on a gtx 770, EVGA SC w/ ACX, and have a constant fps of 60+. Cpu is an i5 3570K, running stable by the way if you thought it could be a sign of an unstable overclock. Ironically, when it comes to the GPU, Just Cause 2 is optimized for Nvidia Cuda cores.
      Is anyone else having this issue with Just Cause 2 on PC?
      Please help.
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      References: http://justcause.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:11035
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