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      Ok, I own JC2 for XBOX 360. I want to know if I can mod JC2 via thumb/flash drive, because im to lazy to take my Xbox apart. My LIVE acount is KINGnomz69. message me if you can help.

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      The only way I know how you can mod your Xbox 360 games, is to either purchase a data transfer cable from Gamestop or Ebay, or get one free from Xbox.

      Once you have the cable, you can then use it to connect your game files to your computer, so you can mod it that way. Same with most other games, too.

      To download the order form for a free transfer cable, google “Xbox Free Transfer Cable”, and the result should be on Xbox.com.

      Hope this helps.

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      The question is: Do you have a JTAG 360? If yes then there’s a tutorial explaining how to do it.
      But since your talking about USB I’m guessing you don’t have a JTAG and are asking about gamesave modding, and this really isn’t the site for that.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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