Increase civilans, improve weapons “realisticaly”

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      I can’t mod…
      Hopefully that will change someday -.-

      But, my humble ideas:

      1. Increase the distance at which cars show, it’s really annoying about that they pop up

      2. Increase civilians, civilians cars, civilians planes, civilians boats
      To make the island seem more “alive”

      3. Just may view, but I think a few weapon tweaks might be nice:
      a. Machine Gun=clip size to 100…it’s a machine gun!!! it should have 100-200 bullets per clip 👿
      b. Scope on AR..although, I don’t know if it is possible to add a scope on the AR model (I’m just “picky” in a way, would hope to actually see a scope on the AR if it is possible to zoom in with scope)
      c. Sniper=Increase zoom, add silencer (again, hoping that the silencer is possible to add on visually too)
      d. Make AI go to explosions, NOT to the player
      e. Increase rocket radius (but not over the top, just “realistically” )
      f. Mines? Claymore/AVMines?
      g. Increase Shotgun damage (by twice), but make it reload 1 round at a time
      Don’t want to sound greedy :P

      But I believe 3a,3b (not the visual part), 3c (not the visual part),and 3e might not be too hard

      I prefer “tame” mods lol, don’t see the point of having a AR shoot nukes or anything.
      Just hoping for something to improve the game, but not “change”

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