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      The reason why our mods don’t work at the moment is because loading multiplayer completely skips everything in the dropzone folder,
      therefore converting our mods into .arc and .tab files and putting them in the archives_win32 folder allows them to work.
      Most mods don’t work because the servers control most of the needed files,
      but some nice ones do work, such as Faster Sprint, God mode + no hit reactions, and most of the Superman Flying Mod.
      Tutorial Time
      The first step is to clear out your dropzone folder.

      Now you want to download the mod you’re wanting to use, for this tutorial we are going to use God Mode + No Hit Reactions Combined.

      Download it, and install it like any other mod, into the dropzone folder.

      Now run Single Player, and you will notice 2 files appear in the folder.

      You’re going to copy them, and then paste them onto the desktop (don’t drag and drop).

      Now you need to rename both files to something new, the 2 files I have are now + z_godmode.arc.
      Starting them with z_ makes the game read them last which is important.

      Now move these files to the archives_win32 folder, NOT the dropzone folder.

      Now you can remove the files from your dropzone folder.

      Open up Just Cause 2 Multiplayer and your mod should now be working.
      A video tutorial if needed: Video Link

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