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      How to retexture ANY weapons

      As we all know, DLC weapon textures can be found and modified in the DLC .arc/tab files.

      However, the “normal” ingame weapons have their textures hidden inside general.blz. And general.blz causes the game to crash when put in the dropzone.

      Luckily we have a handy workaround for this!


      1. Start up ArchiveViewer, and open Go to Known>global>areasets, and save general.blz. Also go to Known>settings and save weapons.bin if you don’t already have a weapons.bin lying around somewhere.


      2. Go to wherever you saved it, and unpack general.blz using SmallUnpack. (Drag the file onto SmallUnpack.exe to unpack it)

      3. Inside the unpacked folder, you should have a ton of files, something like this:


      4. This contains almost ALL of the models and textures found in Just Cause 2. You can find the model or texture for the weapon you want to mod here. First, find what the model name is for the weapon you want. Open weapons.bin and scroll down to your weapon (or Ctrl+F weapon name) and look at the model. For example, I want to mod the Shotgun, so I scroll down to where the shotgun is in weapons.bin:


      5. Go back to the unpacked general.blz files, and look for whatever your weapon’s model is. For example, I am modding the shotgun, so I am looking for “wea13_lod1-a.rbm” (all weapons are different).:


      6. Found it? Now open the texture file that has the same name as the model. For example, my model name was “wea13”, so I opened whatever texture file that had “wea13” in it.


      7. If you’ve never modded JC2 textures before, “_dif” textures are DIFFUSE textures. They are the interesting stuff and is basically what you see ingame.
      “_nrm” textures are normal maps, also known as bump maps.
      “_mpm” textures are specular, gloss, and other stuff related to textures. Controls gloss, specular maps, etc.

      Anyways, open whatever texture file you want and do whatever changes you want to do. I made the shotgun black and stuff:


      8. After you’ve saved your changes, here comes the tricky part.

      RENAME ALL the model texture, and other files that your weapon uses to something with the same amount of letters.

      For example, “wea13_lod1-a” can be renamed to “shotg-lod1-a” and “wea13_dif” can be renamed to “shotg_dif”.

      Also MAKE SURE the new names are the SAME LENGTH as the old names.
      For example, my files went from this:
      To this:
      One problem: the model still references the old texture files. Open the RBM file in notepad++. You will see a stream of gibberish. Search for “.dds” (these are the textures that the model references) and change the texture names to the new ones:
      For example, wea13_dif, wea13_nrm, and wea13_mpm all became whatever I changed the old files’ names to.

      9. Now you have only a couple things left to do! Open weapons.bin, and change the model name to whatever your new model name is called.

      For example, I changed




      because that’s what I named the new model file.

      10. Finally, but also probably most importantly, replace “WeaponsweaXX” with some directory that doesn’t exist. The reason this is, is because JC2 treats “WeaponsweaXX” as a default directory. This means that by default the game will search in general.blz for the files in that directory. If you rename this to something that doesn’t exist yet, the game will have to look in the dropzone.

      I replaced




      You have to create this directory in the dropzone now. After you’ve done that, place your new files in that directory.

      In my example:


      11. Now you’re done with modding. Start the game and get whatever weapon you modded.

      Now your weapon might be invisible. Don’t be frightened! Just kill yourself ingame a couple times until the weapon appears. This is one downside to the workaround; it takes some time for the game to realize that the model referenced in weapons.bin isn’t in the default directory.

      Anyways, have fun with your new weapons!


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      NICE xD xD

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      Thanks for this tuto, it’s been a long time I search a weapon texturing tuto !

      Do I need to create special folders in dropzone or I just can create mine ?

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      I suggest you create special folders in the dropzone. I’ve never tried retexturing weapons without a custm directory and I’m pretty sure the game will just load up the default textures without custom folders.

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      The way you share is very good and effective. I have learned a lot from the way you do it.

      vin lookup

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