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      Just a small tutorial for all who don’t know how to do this already, and especially for those who want to have a clean entry for the modding competition.

      First, you want to back up your personal mods somewhere else for the time being.(Your mods in dropzone)Leave behind the mods you want to pack and release.

      Second run the game and go to the dropzone folder again:

      You will see a Copy these to the archives_win32 and rename them to your liking(NOTE: YOU MUST PUT A x_ PREFIX!!!!), remeber to never put spaces in the name. Test it out by deleting the mods from the dropzone folder and only using the archives. If everything works out your done! This package is ready for release!

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      This doesn’t seem to work for me.

      I’ve unpacked the hovercraft DLC (basically, I saved all files manually, one by one, with the Archive Viewer), then edited the blackmarket file to make the hovercraft cheaper. I wanted to repack it all, but it didn’t work.

      I did as mentionned above : the only files in the dropzone folder were those that were extracted and modified. I tried launching the game and even loading a save, but the files didn’t get repacked.

      Could it possibly be because those files come from a DLC ?

      Sorry if the question is dumb, I’m pretty new to this… Really new, actually, since I only started yesterday :blush:

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      This topic really needs development… I too am new and I have no idea whatsoever how to mod DLC… Could you do a step by step or a video tut on how for example to edit the price of DLC items?

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