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      Hello, my name is Noah, aka NOAHofDEATH on a number of different forums.

      I’ve really gotten into Just Cause 2 stunting, and I am currently working on a stunt montage. Me and a bunch of people over at GTAStunting.net are also working on something; A stunt collaboration in JC2, hopefully it’s gonna be pretty cool :P

      The reason I’m here is to stay updated with the newest mods (especially the mp mod!), and basically to get to know the modders and perhaps… Fellow stunters? :whistle:

      Looking forward to becoming an active member here, I’ll try to help out with this website as much as I can :)

      Head over to my YT channel if you wanna see what I do

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      hey dude!

      Welcome, I love doing stunts aswell, and i love the car damage, Driving a bus of a cliff never gets old, check my vid!


      lol anyway Hope you have a good time, I also can’t wait for the JC2 MP mod, although i gather it is never going to happen :blink:



      EDIT: Im checking out your vids now, EPIC! Can’t wait to see what you do in JC2!

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      Thanks pal ;)

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