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      Hello, I got JC2 about a week ago. I’ve been playing it a lot, I’ve already started modding my Kane player. I’ll post that sometime.

      For now, I would like to know how to edit .rbm files (assuming those are the 3D model files).

      I know it’s possible because I’ve seen a few mods with edited models (Ghost Rico, Rico B&W Reaper, and Rico shades)

      I’ve searched the forums, but I haven’t found any actual information on HOW to edit them.

      So, How do I edit them?

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      welcome to the forums

      nobody knows yet i think, the Ghost Rico, Rico B&W Reaper, and Rico shades are from other characters, and have been placed on rico.

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      The mods that you think are edited models are not, some are separate models within the game files made available by modding, others are just skins, done by editing textures, you can do that easily by following the tutorial in the tutorials section.

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      ok, thank, well I hope we figure out how to edit the models. Then mods will churn out.

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      Yeah, it would be great if we could do that, then we could be able to put so many more things into the game.

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      as said many times, there isn’t a way right now.. but it’s not very easy to do so without official tools.

      one day i guess.

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