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      Hi everyone!

      Im need some help to install a mod to my game. I downloaded JC2 Map Viewer but i dont know what to do with. I opened the “readme file” but i am having some trouble with the instructions.

      It says:

      1. Click on “Load…” and browse to %ProgramFiles%/Steam/userdata/[steam_user_id]/8190/remote.

      Okey i know this sounds stupid but where is load? Is it sopose to be in the folder or in the game?

      Please no trolling, im a real noob here haha. :cheer:

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      I didn’t bother downloading the Mod as the link seems quite buggy.


      I think you don’t understand the meaning of “Load” which means copying something (data) from your computer into a memory (software).

      So you need to “Load” whatever is in there “%ProgramFiles%/Steam/userdata/[steam_user_id]/8190/remote” into the JC2 Map Viewer so it can use it.

      VV You can see here below VV In the red circle. That’s the Load Button.

      You have to click it and then go here:

      To open whatever it asks you so it can “Load” (copy) the data into JC2 Map Viewer so it can use it.

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