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      Hey all

      Years ago I remember watching the anime series Gundam Wing. What has this got to do with Just Cause 2 you ask?

      It has to do with the fact (one of) the main character(s), Heero, was the very first thing I thought of as I played the JC2 demo.

      I’m not sure if it’s the grappling hook, the insane tolerance for pain, the stunts no sane person would ever attempt and just the general way they go about their missions.

      The first time I used the grappling hook to hang from a plane/heli I couldn’t get the picture of some of Heero’s stunts.


      ^^Best collection of his JC2-style stunts I could find.

      And since no one lieks tight lycra shorts; this is what he wore in the movie Endless Waltz…


      If anyone feels up to doing this it would be appreciated and would give the game a bit of extra life (I don’t exacly find our ‘hero’ and the storyline engrossing).

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