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      Can somebody tell me where I can change values like the grappling range and speed? There’s the grapplingparams.bin but I don’t know which values to change.

      I would also like to edit the speed of some vehicles. I know that I have to unpack the .eez files but then I’m lost.

      Any help is appreciated! :)


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      When creating my mod which increases the grappling range and speed it was fairly simple to locate the values that needed to be changed, basically what you could do instead of me explaining the whole thing is just downloading my modification, making it into an xml via gibbed’s tools and then comparing it to the original files and then you can see what was edited and they should have a little label beside them basically saying what it is that the value changes.

      Regarding the vehicle editing I don’t really have any idea as I’ve personally never attempted to mess around with vehicle settings.

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      pridit i saw your report. its fine as hes agreeing, can’t be counted as spam.
      thanks for reporting.
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