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      I installed a Grappling Hook Mod which increases

      I want to decrease the Grapple range a bit, i also got a Bin-Editor.

      The grapple-range-Value is called “Max distance you hook will stick to objects, you still need to change hook ammo max distance from ammunition.bin” and is set to 8100 by default.
      this mod sets it to 810000, and i changed it to 81000

      in weapons.bin, the ammo_max_range is set to 80 by default, the mod changes it to 8000. this is to fit the grappling hook range to the little symbol around your crosshair.

      i want the symbol to fit the range i set, but i dont know which value i should put in here.

      anyone ideas?

      EDIT: Ok, with try-and-error i found out, that the value was 350000, but if i want to change anything afterwards, it would be nice to know a solution anyway!

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      Sorry, I have no idea :/
      I tried to figure it out while I was trying every value from grapplingparams without luck.
      But nice to hear that someone uses the bin editor :)

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      have you figured it out yet?
      i kinda wanna adjust the range where the indicator shows that you can actually grapple to one somewhat closer to what i have now (and that’s the default one, can’t seem to find the right thing to adjust at the moment)
      i’ve been searching in the ammunition.bin, weapons.bin and grapplingparams.bin but nothing so far that looks like it helps..
      thanks in advance :]

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      You installed the Grappling Hook mod, which increases, watch the video on YouTube how to reduce it.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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