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      Grapple Mods are about the easiest. Someone isolated the variables you need to pay attention to. 5 or six changes to massively alter it.


      The two files you need to pull and modify are weapons.bin and grapplingparams.bin. If you have already modded weapons.bin in some way you’ll need to make the changes directly to that copy, as you can’t have duplicate files to alter different things.

      If you open Archive viewer, both files are under the “settings” selection

      Here’s grapplingparams

      70Regular Non-Chuting reel speed
      810000 Grapple range
      50 Chute-deployed grappling speed
      850 Grapple pull strength
      120 Self Explanitory

      and here’s the lines from weapons.bin. Look do a find search on “grap” and you’ll get taken right to the correct section.


      The direct explanation.

      I’ve highlighted a number of variables from the upper area of grapplingparams, the explanations are right next to the lines.

      Range values are a specific focus here. The range in weapons.bin is 80 and the range in grapplingparams is 8100. It’s recommended that they remain within the same factor. So, pick a number and multiply them both by it. I went with 100, but you can go pretty high with it and not bug out your game. Try by 1,000 and see if you can go mountaintop to mountaintop.

      Grappling speed likewise is set at 40 (mph? fps? idk…). Setting grappling speed higher can allow you to literally drag yourself into the stratosphere and outrun planes, or simply grapple from one mountain to another at 300 whatever speed units they use. I have my grapple set at 100 and grapple chute at 50. I prefer this so that I can easily soar above bases and rain grenades and c4 and rockets down upon them, which is impossible if you set your grapple-chute speed to 300 mph.

      But again, there is the flying in the stratosphere and catching planes to consider…

      In general, you want the range and bulletspeed of the grapple to be the same, or you want the bullet speed higher. Originally it was 80 distance and 240 bullet speed.

      Extending the grapple too far, or increasing grapple strength too much can cause the game to bug out at times. For an example, see

      The end of that video results in a mid air hang that I had to quit to fix. I kept my range at 8000 (100 times normal distance) and the only bugs I generally encounter are that missing your target will sometimes mean the cable model in game does not retract or takes 10 seconds to do so.

      In cases like this, watch rico’s arm. Though the grapple remains extended, his arm cocks back and you can refire, appearing to have two ropes out at once. The first rope generally doesn’t apply any physics forces to you or anything else though, it’s just a latent visual.

      Save and convert to .bin, drop them in drop zone, and you’re good to go.


      New information!



      Character impulse is how hard you push NPCs with melee, damage is obvious, object impulse will let you knock cars over mountains, and hook material will allow you to make it sound like you’re beating people with wood on a chain (though I do not yet know the syntax to properly change it)

      And from above, variable B55417AE is labeled, and it’s the strength you pull npcs with the grapple. Increase to send people flying hundreds of yards behind you. Great way to rack up falling deaths.

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      Joon Chung

      can you steps on doing these changes and where do i see these values

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      Yeah, those values are in grapplingparams.bin, can you please add that to first post.

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      Good stuff man. Thanks! :)

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      I tried almost all of these settings now. Extremely helpful post, thank you.
      Btw, have you found out how to make the camera keep still (not shake/vibrate) when reeling?

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      That would more than likely be in the camera settings or camera default .bins. Otherwise, none of the variables identified have anything to do with the camera.

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      What about the grapple range indicator? IS there any way to modify that to match the actual range of the the grapple itself?

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      How about the number of simultaneous grapples? Like say I want multiple tethers?Is that BOLO exclusive or is there a setting for it somewhere in here?

      Also, what would you say is a good value for wire_durability?I would like to make it near-unbreakable.

      I only ask coz I’m on Xbox, haha.

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      For wire strength, think in factors. Multiply by 10, multiply by 100. More than that is probably completely unneccesary, as I doubt anything in the game is going to exert 100x the physics forces that your wire can tolerate now.

      As to multi-ropes, we can’d do that with grappleparams.bin so far as I know.

      Bolo’s trick is essentially disabling the wire break mechanism. Notice that if you re-grapple it specifically breaks previous wires first, then you press it again to refire? Bolopatch edits the ram so that the grapple break command is never sent.

      To change that on xbox you’d have to fully reprogram the grapple function to rebind break grapple to a separate button instead of the same thing as grapple. If you did that, you could probably have infinite grapple and the ability to break them as needed (because grapples unbroken in the world prevent you from climbing the way you’re supposed to)

      At this point, we don’t know how to do that.

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      thespiritfox wrote:

      For wire strength, think in factors. Multiply by 10, multiply by 100. More than that is probably completely unneccesary, as I doubt anything in the game is going to exert 100x the physics forces that your wire can tolerate now.

      I’m also on the 360 and this doesn’t work for me.

      I’ve tried 10x, 100x and even 1000x and my wires keep breaking . Is there anything else to it?

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      The only thing I can think is that maybe making it higher makes them break more easily? Try reducing it, go zero first then 1 and see if that makes a difference. If not, I’m honestly not sure, if multiplying the variable by 1000 doesn’t make the wires a shitload stronger there’s got to be another variable we haven’t unhashed that’s affecting this.

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      I believe that’s the case. Changing it to 1 didn’t show any noticeable difference, and changing it to 0 made it impossible to grapple onto anything.

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      Dont Know

      Any way to make the grappling hook 360 view instead of just half?

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      camera shake remover, in weapons.bin you look for the following.


      Change that to this,


      in theory this should work.

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      i putted alot more range and stuff but when i move the file to make them to .bin the gibbed has a problem and says ”gibbed has stopped working” what to do?

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      Well, I’m bore so i play this game again haha :woohoo: , to the point, here :

      50 //unknown
      500 //pull strength between object with other object(non-human object)
      50 //reel grip
      40 //normal reel speed (reel without parachute)
      910000 //Grapplinghook range, act like a max limit for Grapplinghook in weapon.bin
      0.91 //unknown
      2 //total object to hook >>broke gameplay
      50 //chute reel speed (reel with parachute on)
      1 //total wire to deploy >>broke gameplay
      140 //value that if set too high will give u same effect with “hook on ceiling” while u “hook on vertical wall” or something
      3 //unknown
      1111 //pull strength between player and 1 object or 1 human
      500 // wire durability on hooking 2 objects
      16 //unknown

      500 >> so far as i know, this is only effecting non-human object, so if u hooking some object with human object and the value around 500, u can’t see any different “cuz the mass of object is higher than the value-?”, but if u hooking some object with human object and the value set around 25000 or higher “than the mass-?”, u will see the car(if u hooking with the car) will send around to the sky dragging the human within

      50 >> this reel grip value very important if u are doing sling shot(i mean u are hook on something while u are in parachute), so if u set too low, it will make u “not going anywhere” while u in parachute and hook on something. if u set it too high, it will send u right away to the hook point and not giving a chance the wind will blow u higher in parachute.

      140 >> just like what the desc i say. tested on some non-metal wall and it’s work, well if the wall not send u fly away hahaha. but on some higher value, this will make u,,, eerr swing around on vertical wall like u swing on ceiling… :huh:

      500 >> yeah this value will makes hook wire on 2 attached objects not break so easily, but there is limit, the mass that can be takes and how fast the object u send flying. so if u set this value to high and set the value of value id=”2A925441″ too high and u attached the hook(ex : between car and wall/road/static object) not very distance, this will break the wire easily. if u set this value too low( ex : 1 or 0) when u hooked 2 objects, the wire will break right away.

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