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      Hi everyone,
      I want to make a trailer for my Better Military + Factions 4.0 mod. I currently use Windows Movie Maker which only makes low quality videos. I want something that can zoom in on the footage, draw on it, etc. So if you know a program that you recommend please post it here.

      Thank-you in advance.

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      No replies -_-

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      I’m going to assume you know about pirating programs using torrents,
      so you can search on torrent websites for these programs and be able to crack them.

      Camtasia 8 is a very nice program to use.
      It comes with a screen recorder which gives you a good picture at a low-ish file size.
      The editing is good, but doesn’t come with many effects though.
      It does come with a youtube uploader which can be pretty quick
      and producing a video is simple with easy settings like mp4 720p and mp41080p etc.

      Another good program is Sony Vegas, comes with many effects and is super user friendly,
      however cracking it (to use it for free) is a bit annoying and perhaps difficult for some people.
      Also, you have to configure your video format manually as the preset’s aren’t very good.

      When it comes down to it, Camtasia 8 is what I prefer. Video settings, cracking and uploading are easy.

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      Although Camtasia is one of the best programs to record your screen, its editing tools are not that great. Personally, I would use an open source recording software and edit the footage in Sony Vegas. Or use After Effects if you want to do more than basic editing…

      On the other hand, if you have a Mac, the built-in video editor is surprisingly good!

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      Thanks guys.

      I just downloaded a cracked full version of Camtasia because of its good screen recorder.


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