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      Part I

      A while back, Gibbed created a cool little toy called Gibbed’s Model Viewer.

      It allows you to view .rbm files, which are the physical character and vehicle models.

      Model Viewer is only a viewer. It doesn’t have any editing tools built-in.
      BUT – It does help you identify the different individual parts of a model.
      So it basically makes Hex-Editing a model possible.

      According to notes I’ve read, Gibbed wasn’t completely happy with it,
      so his latest Tool Set releases don’t include it. But you can still find it here:

      Gibbed’s Tools r128—MuNkEy/

      Note: This set includes two versions of the Model Viewer:
      1) Model Viewer = Works USE THIS ONE

      2) Model Viewer 2 = DO NOT USE MODEL VIEWER 2. It was never finished.
      It doesn’t appear to have worked for anyone.

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      Part II

      Required for Gibbed’s Model Viewer to work on your system…

      1) XNA Game Studio 3.1…laylang=en&id=39

      2) Visual Studio 2008*

      ** I believe this is the best one to try installing first: vcssetup.exe

      **NOTES about the Visual Studio 2008 download page:
      It’s a little confusing. You may have to experiment a little here, because…

      In the OVERVIEW, it lists these three versions
      Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition
      Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition and Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
      Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

      But in the Download section… It lists these FOUR files you can download

      and it has little indication of which download is which version listed above.
      It simply says:
      The links in this section correspond to files available for this download. Download the files appropriate for you.

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      Part III

      For a good tutorial on how to use Gibbed’s Model Viewer:
      A Just Cause 2 character model editing tutorial – by FRX
      Download the PDF he created. Happy reading.

      Now for some IMPORTANT TIPS. These are things I’ve learned after hours and hours of headaches and brain-numbing frustration.
      These will make more sense after you’ve read FRX’s tutorial.

      In FRX’s tutorial, he notes that the “e^” symbol helps you find the code for each model part.

      This is true. You will begin to know and love that little e^ symbol, because it is
      one of the only things that will help you make heads or tails of the Hex Code you’ll be looking at.
      It’s your main way of navigating and editing JC2 Hex Code.

      The tutorial implies the e^ symbol flags the beginning of each and every model part.

      This is NOT ALWAYS TRUE!
      Only e^ symbols that are directly followed by image file names mark the beginning of a model part.

      For example:
      In the red box, you can see some image file names = This marks the beginning of a part.

      (I mocked up the next image for our example)

      In the red box, there are no image file names = This is NOT the beginning of a part.
      Ignore these sections when you’re counting!


      As mentioned in the tutorial, you can see individual model parts in Model Viewer.
      Those parts are listed in the Model Viewer in the same sequential order as they appear in the Hex Code.

      So, you can count parts in the Model Viewer, then count the code (marked by the e^) in the Hex Code.
      Viola’ … You can easily locate model parts this way.

      BUT – The tutorial recommends “counting” down from the top as you search for the e^ symbols,
      in order to find the part you’re looking for…

      Instead – I recommend: Count up from the bottom, because you will more quickly see if the e^ has an image file name.
      = You will more quickly see if it’s the beginning of a part.
      This will make sure you 1) have the right code, and 2) count the sections correctly.

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      (PLACE HOLDER)- See Part I, Part II, and Part III above.

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      (PLACE HOLDER) – See Part I, Part II, and Part III above.

      Or you can just click here to go to Part I

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      Visual studio links are dead.

      Plus I’m pretty sure you don’t need the full versions of Visual Studio, just the .NET Framework. :P

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      Another thing:

      Block types other than the SkinnedGeneral block type can be combined with hex-editing too. You can find the hex headers for them (the hex ending thingies are always AB 89) here:

      The above link just has the hex backwards, so what it says for SkinnedGeneral (5E 65 7F 20) would actually be (20 7F 65 5E). Just make sure you’re aware of that.

      What does this mean? It means we can combine car and other model parts as well. The only problem is that SkinnedGeneral block type is the only block type that supports transparency (ie., you can delete a portion of the texture and it will not appear ingame. This doesn’t happen with other block types).

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