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      Aryaman Trivedi

      I’ve had this game for about two months, and I’ve been trying to insert mods into my ‘dropzone’ folder (like the increased grapple range and the Island in chaos mods). But after this when I try to open my game, it doesn’t start unless I start as admin, and even then it starts a new game for me.
      Pls help

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      Same here only I haven’t tried starting on admin. DL’ed the VTOL mod, the Hammer XX(?) mod and the Agency silverpell with weapons mod, ALL are just one “.eez” file, followed instructions but every time I want to start game it just crash’s. Not sure what to do. Oh, I did put in the “Z techno blackmarket” mod that is NOT an .eez file and that is the only one that works fine,       …just realized how old this post is. Oh well.

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