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      Here’s a very simple way of combining mods.

      1.Download gibbs tools
      2.Download FreeDiff( http://download.cnet.com/3001-2248_4-10143549.html?spi=7a145be2eafdac525c8256abf9fcdee7&part=dl-65809 )
      3.Download your 2 mods
      4.If they have the same xml(Ex. Weapon.bin) run both through gibbs bin2xml (Drag n Drop)
      5.Run gibbs Archive Viewer
      6.Navigate to Archives_win32
      7.Click pc_0
      8.Under setting click on weapons.bin and then click save
      9.Run that through bin2xml
      10.Open FreeDiff
      11.Click file and select file 1 and 2 (File 1 is one of the downloaded mods, File 2 is the one from pc_0)
      12.Click file and compare differences
      13.Scroll through until you see purple
      14.Copy all purple from file 1
      15.Open other mods xml
      16.Find the lines there (CTRL+F helps)
      17.Paste changes in
      18.Run xml2bin on the xmls and your done

      This may be alot of steps but it is actually very easy and quick.

      If you are a modder PLEASE add a text document with the changes in xml, it will make downloading and enjoying mods ALOT simpler.

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      I do this with Microsoft Word 2007, It’s pretty much the same as this. Thanks anyway.

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      Wow thanks! This will save me a lot of work!

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      ah, good find. that’ll be usefull.

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      Cant seem to edit the text in FreeDiff…not allowing me to edit it unless using Notepad or Internet Explorer. Next time please explain more in-depth, this is kinda confusing as it is. I am REALLY wanting to use multiple mods…but cant until i can fix my weapons.bin combining issue. Please PM me or post another more in-depth tutorial.



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      Guys, I recommend using WinMerge instead. It is a lot simpler. There you just select 2 files and copy all or selected changes to another at once, instead of picking every line. Just press “copy all to right/left” under edit menu. I used it to modify Source and it works like charm here too.

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      I’mma complete n00b, what’s ‘gibbs tools’ and where can I get it?

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      Gibbed tool pack is the set of tools we all use for modding JC2, as no official SDK has been released. You can download them from this website by searching the mods for gibbed and choosing the sixth option.
      For guides on using them check the forums and have a look on the Just Cause wiki under modding.

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