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      hello i have the skidrow JC2 with the DLC and the skidrow update 1 patch installed, if i put the dropzone folder empty with no files in it the dropzone the game runs fine but the moment i drop a file in it from the mod the game wont even attempt to run

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      hello I had the same problem but we managed to solve first you have to do it once a folder dropzone But you have to write all the small print (example DropZone is wrong you must type with small dropzone that is ok.Then download all mods once and put direct to folder dropzone)

      in my case this is work!! ;) try and reply

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      i never put the dropzone with uppercase from begining i put lower case :(

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      what is the exact path of the folder and what mod did you try putting into it?

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      I’m pretty sure mods only work WITHOUT updates, or only on the retail. Sorry man, but you’re gonna have to buy it or remove the patch and try again

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Viewing 6 reply threads
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