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      Hey everybody I’m a huge Just Cause fan and new to I played the first one for way to many hours and now am trying to deal with having a life and playing just cause 2.

      I am among other things an aspiring character modeler and have been working on my first model i want to implement into just cause 2. This is where you come in. I don’t know shit about getting models into video games and I would appreciate any help you can give me on getting my current model into the game.

      Of course this is a work in progress and not representative of the final model. I still need to capture sean connerys his likeness and then take him into zbrush to get the final textures.

      Comments and critic are required if you are reading this! april_12_head_render_square.jpg

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      as of right now, it is nearly impossible. We can view the files they provided, but that’s about it.

      In the future, we might be able to import our own models. But that wont be any time soon

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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