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      I was wondering if anyone would know how to go about modding or just editing the controller settings? (PC xbox 360 controller)Just some minor things that really bug me that i would like to see fixed, or fix myself, but dont know how to.

      For one, when i grapple in, the controller doesnt vibrate, making it very “dead” evertime i grapple. But yet on the consoles it feedsback eveytime you grapple in, and when you hit the ground.

      Another would be to edit the skydiving sensivity, so it just doesnt swing wildly in one direction or the other.

      The last is that I want to be able to change the deadzone settings.

      Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated, because i have little hope that something small like this wont get patched.

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      I can’t really provide much help in this area as I don’t have a controller to test it myself but I’m sure when you plug the controller into your PC and it connects some of the settings for the controller open up in the main menu allowing you to change these kinds of things. I’ve tested it on the Xbox and it has multiple settings for the controller including the ones you mentioned.

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      There arent any options for the controller within the menu to fix the stuff I want. Thats why i was hoping someone could help me edit an ini file to do it. Because that would be the only way fix it.

      The only thing the options menu has are invert buttons and controller sensitivity options.

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      I use VibMod to use my Rumblepad 2 controller which tricks games into seeing an x360 controller that i use to map keys, and it has an .ini that allow altering things like rumble function and stick behaviour.. I’m not sure if it does anyting to an actual x360 controller, but it’s worth a shot.

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      Or you can try xpadder this is what I use, and it works great. You can map multiple keys great for trainers etc

Viewing 4 reply threads
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