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      Hey is there any way to use command line parameters like

      -height 1050 -width 1680 -availablevidmem 2.0

      or something else?

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      /failsafe Run in failsafe mode (ignore settings)
      /fullscreen Fullscreen mode
      /windowed Windowed mode
      /width=n Width in pixels (fullscreen/windowed)
      /height=n Height in pixels (fullscreen/windowed)
      /widthFS=n Width in pixels (fullscreen)
      /heightFS=n Height in pixels (fullscreen)
      /widthW=n Width in pixels (windowed)
      /heightW=n Height in pixels (windowed)
      /msaa=n MSAA sample count
      /vsync=b Enable/disable V-sync
      /aniso=n Anisotropic filter (0-7, default: 7)
      /shadows=n Shadow quality (0-2, default: 1)
      /shadowres=n Shadow resolution (0-1, default: 0)
      /ssao=b Enable/disable SSAO (default: disabled)
      /hbao=b Enable/disable HBAO method for SSAO (default: enabled)
      /plspec=b Enable/disable pointlight specular (default: disabled)
      /posteffects=b Enable/disable posteffects (default: enabled)
      /lodfactor=n Geometric detail (0-3, default: 0)
      /decals=b Enable/disable decals
      /edgefade=b Enable/disable edge fade effect
      /filmgrain=b Enable/disable film grain effect
      /fovfactor=, typical values 1.0 – 2.0 Changes the field of view, default is 1.0
      /dxbuffers=, default: 1
      /frameratecap=, default: disabled Allows you to cap your framerate at what every value you want.
      /dxadapter= Allows those with multiple GPUs to force JC2 to use a specific device.

      b=boolean, (0 or 1)
      n = number (integer)

      There you go

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      He wants to know where you use them not what commands there are.

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      I could make a commandline.txt an take it into the install folder or i could edit the shortcut to the JustCause2.exe…

      I dont know :D

      sorry if my english is bad…i come from germany and our english teacher isn’t very good :D :D

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      Normally i add command lines to games like Doom and Arma2 by creating a shortcut of the exe and by going to properties and click the shortcut tab and put the command lines at the end in the Target box.

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